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Lily and Rick Jurkas and their team at Youngs Insurance Georgetown will help you understand your auto insurance options, and build a personalized coverage plan that will suit your needs.

Every driver is unique, and so are their auto insurance needs.

That means that to make sure our auto insurance clients are well protected, we provide tailored coverage that can protect them in a manner that suits their specific requirements — and at a price that does, too.

Our clients get from point A to point B in a wide range of vehicles; if it runs on a motor, we've covered it!

We can help you get the ideal insurance plan for your car, motorcycle, truck, ATV, snowmobile, or anything in between.

It is our goal to ensure that you fully understand all of your coverage options, and how the elements of your plan work together to keep you protected.

Automotive coverage in Ontario has been going through significant changes in recent years. It is important for policy holders to understand how their plans may have been altered as a result.

Our team will guide you through the new options, and ensure you have the proper coverage needed.

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